About the committee


The Harmonisation of Rules Committee (Committee) is made up of Judges nominated by the Chief Justices of the Federal Court of Australia, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, Supreme Courts of the States and Territories of Australia, and the High Court of New Zealand.  

The Committee receives research advice and assistance from the Executive Director of the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration, and secretarial support from the Federal Court of Australia.

The current Convenor of the Committee is Justice Downes of the Federal Court of Australia.  The current Secretary of the Committee is Scott Tredwell, General Counsel, Federal Court of Australia.

Committee Members 

  • Justice Kylie Downes (Federal Court of Australia)
  • Justice David Mossop (ACT Supreme Court)
  • Justice Ashley Black (Supreme Court of New South Wales)
  • Justice Vince Luppino (Supreme Court of the Northern Territory)
  • Justice John Bond (Supreme Court of Queensland)
  • Justice Malcolm Blue (Supreme Court of South Australia)
  • Associate Justice Michael Daly (Supreme Court of Tasmania)
  • Justice Richard Niall (Court of Appeal – Supreme Court of Victoria)
  • Justice Jenni Hill (Supreme Court of Western Australia)
  • Justice Francis Cooke (High Court of New Zealand)